Friday Feature -Meet Lymphoma Lass…

Hi! I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Lymphoma Lass.

Lymphoma Lass

She says she’s just a lass who got lymphoma and she likes to preserve her anonymity behind an over-sized crochet wig. She created it to give her nurses and doctors “a bit of a laugh”.

Lymphoma Lass was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a cancer of the immune system, in 2015. After 1 mass the size of a cricket ball; 2 blue-light ambulance rides; 6 months of chemo; 5 days in Critical Care with PCP pneumonia; 15 radiotherapy sessions; 5 fractured vertebrae; and a slipped disk – she’s still kicking. Facebook friends have helped her regain contact with humanity and given Lymphoma Lass a new community of fellow cancer-patients.

Lymphoma Lass is quick to point out,

“Getting collapsed vertebrae during chemotherapy is incredibly unusual. But many of the other more common long-term consequences of a cancer diagnosis are just as difficult to manage, if not more so”.

Somehow, we all tend to focus on the short-term side effects. But losing my hair really wasn’t that bad.

I always loved “ironic” fashion, trying to dress up like a screen goddess when I’m feeling unattractive, or wearing a jive dress when I have to use a wheelchair. I like having a playful, self-mocking sense of style. In essence, we are all movie stars and rockabilly dancers in our hearts, even if sometimes we have to dig a bit deeper to find our inner hero or heroine.’

Lymphoma Lass is using her crochet to raise awareness of lymphoma by linking free-to-download patterns to her favourite cancer charities at her JustGiving page ( ), Ravelry shop ( and at: .

Find her there, using crochet to help others


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