PerryWinkle Takeover -by Rob Jones

Do not adjust your se– your screen settings. Do not refresh your browser. This is a take over.

 My name is Rob Jones, letterer of this wonderful comic, Perrywinkle, and I’m taking over this page for a brief moment to talk to you about my own project… Well, one of them.I’m the co-creator, writer and letterer/designer for Papercuts and Inkstains, an anthology series published by Madius Comics. (of which I’m a member). Along with my co-creator, Mike Sambrook, we’ve amassed six issues and seven books (we’re Geroge Lucas-ING you) of our comic, which contains a rag-tag collection of stories; tackling such highbrow themes as aliens, horror, sci-fi, village fetes, running out of coffee, time wars, vampires, werewolves, the Yorkshire zombie apocalypse, cultists, human meatballs, cabins in the wood and girl guides. Oh, and we like to crowbar a little humour into our stories because life can be too serious sometimes.


We’re currently crowd funding on Kickstarter to collect EVERY SINGLE PAGE of those issues into a 250 page monster of a book. And to boot, we’ve gone back and coloured, relettered, remastered, remixed and rejigged the comic to look the best it has ever been!


This is easily the biggest thing we’ve ever attempted and fact is, WE NEED YOU!


We REALLY need you!


Papercuts and Inkstains has been a brightly shining beacon of silliness, stupidity and Madius’ flagship comic for the past two years. Still not convinced? Want to know what people have been saying along the way?

Well here’s a TREASURE TROVE of reviews to dive intos:

– “a fantastic showcase for some of the most exciting talent on the UK scene.Pipedream Comics

– “The high quality of storytelling we’ve come to expect has been maintained, while the humour that makes this magazine so memorable has never been sacrificed or compromised.Starburst Magazine

– “laugh out loudBig Comic Page

– “excellent short storiesDownTheTubes

“I can’t help but love itGarbage File

“a great anthology comic, with such high production values and professional standards.Pop Culture Bandit

“The thing that makes them so popular is that their stories are so utterly ridiculous.Curiosity of a Social Misfit

– “Consistently Madius Comics have given me more enjoyment than all the books I’ve read in the past year from The Big Two.” Other Worlds Than These

– “quick witted dialogue and eccentric narratives result in a truly enjoyable read.Snap Pow

-“This is an exuberant, inventive anthology from some great talent. It’s energetic, clever and immense fun. Definitely worth the papercuts and absolutely worth the inkstains.” Travelling Man




We’ve teamed up with a plethora of incredible artists to produce a huge collection of stories, including:

Currently working their magic colouring the pages are:

  • Nick Gonzo
  • Angela Sprecher
  • Rosie Packwood
  • Rory Donald
  • Darren Smith
  • Jim Lavery
  • Ceri Hanvey
  • Bob Turner

The campaign hit KICKSTARTER MARCH 15th and at the time of writing is 34% funded of our £4000 goal…Come and see what all the fuss has been about and join us on our mad quest for global domination and year round pumpkin spiced lattes…

You may now go back to your regularly scheduled viewing of looking at cat videos as you poop.

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