Reynard City – Guest Blog by Will Turner

Reynard City is an idea I’ve had since middle school but it’s only been in the last ten years that I was lucky enough to get together with a team and make it

Essentially it’s abut three superhero foxes who come to Earth to stop an evil robot fox including AK Girl (An eccentric psychic vixen with various power modes whose weakness is inflating on contact with caramel), Wondervixen (A former talent show kid with a dark secret) and Hyper Rob (WV’s boyfriend whose father created Mega Fox)

What follows is a story that plays like a 90’s cartoon like Ninja Turtles or Thundercats with a bit of Vic n Bob style surrealism and Adventure Time character moments thrown in

Reynard City: We need you!

As I write this we have 4 days left of our Kickstarter and £5,500 to raise in order to relaunch our comic.

So why exactly do we need to relaunch? There’s a few reasons but what it boils down to is simple- we want to make it better. And by that I mean the comic, the business behind it and the means in order to get it out to more people.

Essentially the main aim is to do around 1 or 2 40 page graphic novels every year as opposed to 22 page issues. This is not because they were bad (quite the opposite, Susie’s Out of Shape, Dan’s Assessment, Nicholas and Syd’s Issue 11, Jed’s Subconscious Pt 2 and Nicholas’ Balloon Boy are all tremendous in my opinion). Rather it counters issues people had with the previous comics- it allows for more consistent artwork and a bit more depth with the story.

Furthermore it means we can pay a fair amount to the artists who work on it, thus making sure they can stick to the commitment to doing the issue. This has been a challenge for me in terms of raising the funds to do this as well as being able to do the basics (pay rent, food etc) for me.

We have been lucky as through the Kickstarter we’ve worked with local actors I met through Hayley Evenett and James Ducker’s Redduck Producktions, played a trivia game and had a great time on local TV, radio and being featured on various podcasts (plus a great moment chatting with the Sonic Boom cast during the #AskSonicBoom Twitter chat).

What it comes down to is that this Kickstarter will allow us to do a lot more a lot sooner- we will be able to go to more events, make a better comic to sell when we get there and to create the merchandise and get more exposure that will allow for a more self sustaining project so we don’t have to ask for funding again.

The link to the Kickstarter is here where you can also see the promo video by the awesome John Paul Guerra. Big thanks to everyone who has contributed including (but not limited to) Gizzy,  The Visualise team who did our website (Jo, Jim, Meg and Tyler), Norwich Kitty, Cmore Trix, Foxybop, Cherryfox, Raye, Casandra, GreyofPTA, Lionalliance and everyone who has backed our Patreon and Kickstarter so far!

And Finally … If Perry Winkle was to team up with one of the Reynard City team, who would it be and why ? 

Will – “I totally see Perrywinkle hanging out with AK Girl, going on an adventure and stopping off for chilli on the way home!”


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