Celebration Time – Last Cancer Check Up






We are celebrating today at Perry Winkle HQ.

Today i had my very last cancer check up.  🙂

Walking into the clinic today, hugging my oncologist so tight, i’m sure he couldn’t breath !! We knew today was the day, but to hear him say it, filled us with joy. 🙂

My fears were soon squashed, when Dr P explained i have a direct phone number to the department, should i have any future concerns. So i won’t have to start from scratch again, all my notes will remain on file.

Clinically i am fine and we can now focus on the fertility side of things.

It has been a very tough 3 years, with sad times and happy times, but personally feel I have grown as an individual and it makes you realise what really is important in life.

Can I take this moment to say thank you to Chris Gander, my family and each and every single one of you for the continued support throughout this journey and supporting Perry Winkle.

I couldn’t have done it without each and every single one of you , you are all heroes xxxxx


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