Cast and Characters

The Cast


Perry represents the main protagonists subconscious, helping her fight the battle with cancer. Providing the positivity and inner strength, the hero, we all have inside of each of us.  To help us beat, whatever is we are facing. Perry won’t appear the same for everyone. She will represent a reflection of you. The intention is to inspire and raise awareness of the mental and physical strength fighting requires, but in a relatable and easy way to read.

Perry is a sassy character, who takes no nonsense, but also has a heart of gold and will know when you need that gentle push. She can conjure up any weapon (or outfit) she can think of, that helps her in her battles. As always the weapons must co-ordinate with Perry’s strong fashion guidelines.





Susie is the other main protagonist fighting cancer. This is based on the true experiences Susie went through during treatment, to help raise the awareness of Hodgkin Lymphoma. Highlighting the symptoms, scans, treatments etc, but again with her inner hero Perry by her side, alongside her family and friends. To show that you are never alone. Susie is never mentioned directly by name in the comic, this is to show that it represents all cancer patients.




Chris is Susie’s supportive husband, who is by her side all the time with Perry, and while he cannot see Perry and they don’t interact, he knows she is there, helping Susie fight. Again Chris is not mentioned by name in the comic, to represent spouses of cancer patients and how strong they have to be too and what they also face.




You will meet other characters and of course enemies during this story, we won’t spoil these here. 🙂


Hope you enjoying reading and as always, if anything in the comics highlights concern, do consult with your doctor.