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Good Evening All

Hope everyone is doing well.

We have been working very hard behind the scenes here at Perry Winkle HQ.

We are pleased to announce the print edition is now complete, with an exclusive Perry Winkle Art splash page, provided by some awesome artists.

The prints are back and ready to go. Our amazing Kickstarter backers should be receiving their copies in the post any day now !!

The rest will be launched at Nottingham Comic Con on 14th October 2017, then available online.

Speaking of Comic Cons, we have attended a few recently. Cardiff by the awesome Iz McAuliffe, True Believers Summer Variant with Stuart Mulrain and London Super Comic Con, with an awesome meal out with a ton of awesome indie creators. These have been so fun and so nice to catch up with everyone 🙂

Sarah Harris, The Awesome Podcast Guys – Toni Ezmond, Dan Butcher, Vince Hunt, The King Legacy Crew – Jay & Liam Frettingham, Dave Jones , Steve Tanner of Flintlock fame, Emily Owen, Dan Harris, Sarah Milman, Jon Laight, Sam Webster, Sam Johnson this list goes on  and i am so sorry if i have missed someone 🙂 We have had some awesome nights out, as you can tell from our “happy” faces !!

Today, we also received a beautiful review from Toni via “Never Iron Anything”, we are deeply honoured to receive such a review and cannot thank Toni enough for such kind words.

Never Iron Anything – Perry Winkle Review by Toni Ezmond




September is Blood Cancer awareness month, keep checking in at Perry Winkle for upcoming info 🙂

All the best



World Blood Cancer Day & Why it so quiet round here ?

Good Morning All

Hope everyone is enjoying the sunny bank holiday weekend.

Today is World Blood Cancer day, be part of it and make your make against blood cancer.  (Link below)

You may have noticed is rather quiet at Perry Winkle HQ – we have been working very hard behind the scenes on pages. We have changed our format slightly and are finishing up all the lines and will go back and do all the colours. Exciting news, the comic roughs are finished in its entirety, we are almost there with the neats and will be giving you sneak peeks of the colour.

We are over the halfway mark.. exciting times.




Well guys …. we finally pinned down an official release date for the Print Edition.

We will be debuting the print edition at Nottingham Comic Con (hence Perry’s Robin Hood look), along with some prints, originals etc, with 20% of all sales going to the Bloodwise cancer charity.

Kickstarter backers will also be sent their rewards two weeks PRIOR to the date below.

Thank you so much to each and every single person who has supported us, this has been an incredible journey. A huge thank you again to Robin Jones for providing the lettering, amazing stuff.

We have met lots of incredible people, from the comic book world and such inspiring survivors.

I have loved every second of this project and Perry Winkle is very much a part of my life now. You all made that possible.

Thank You.

I have one more favour to ask, i am currently looking into the number of copies to order. If you would like to register your interest in ordering a copy of Perry Winkle, it will help give me an idea of numbers.

Please do email us at or tweet us @SusieGander, we will add you to list.

As promised ..

Hi Guys

Hope you all had a good week.

After lots of rest and pills, the whiplash has eased and as promised, we are some new stuff 🙂

Thank you so much for your patience.

On a very cold Saturday, Chris and I met up with some of our amazing friends, Megan, Samantha and Helen (who is also a Lymphoma Beacon of Hope award winner and survivor for all her charity work and raising awareness). We had a lovely day of collecting. Was great fun and raised an awesome £257.92 for the Lymphoma Association.



Welcome and thank you for visiting Perry Winkle Comic!

The aim of this comic is to tell my cancer story in a way that I hope will mean other sufferers create their very own superhero or find ways to tell their story in a way that helps them through.

Perry Winkle Comic is updated on a weekly basis and is available here

Thank you for reading.

If you would like to know more about Hodgkin’s Lymphoma you can click here as well as information on how you can help support people and raise awareness.

**PLEASE NOTE- I originally drew the earlier pages during my chemotherapy treatment and I am currently in the process of revamping them!


Perry Winkle Comic Print Edition, is in production thanks to awesome backers on a Kickstarter project.

Copies will be sent to cancer support centres and  charities, any extra will be sold, with 20% of all sales going to charity.