Perry Winkle Print Edition – Page 11

Hi Guys

Hope we are all well.

Apologises for the brief silence, life has been a bit crazy of late, but we have some more updates coming today, including some fan art, news and pages

This page was a particularly hard one for me to do, but also therapeutic. With Robin Jones lettering, doing what he does best 🙂 Congrats to Robin and Madius Comics, on their successful kickstarter, which ended this week.

As always, if you are unsure of anything, visit your doctor to check.

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Perry Winkle Print Edition – Page 1

PW Print PG1

PW Print PG1

So this is where our story began. While this seems like a sad start, i promise you, the happier and fun side of this will come through. But the scene needed to be set.
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