Our story in pictures

Hi All

Hope you’re having a great weekend.

We have added a new page under the Welcome menu titled “Our story in pictures”

During chemo, I kept a blog on my Facebook, it’s a chronological picture diary of events and wanted to share with you on Perry Winkle too.

Sometimes, you still feel like you have so much to fight, but this makes you appreciate how far you have already come.

(Please be advised, there are pictures of needles, which some may find upsetting)

As always please don’t hesitate to contact us.

As promised ..

Hi Guys

Hope you all had a good week.

After lots of rest and pills, the whiplash has eased and as promised, we are some new stuff 🙂

Thank you so much for your patience.

On a very cold Saturday, Chris and I met up with some of our amazing friends, Megan, Samantha and Helen (who is also a Lymphoma Beacon of Hope award winner and survivor for all her charity work and raising awareness). We had a lovely day of collecting. Was great fun and raised an awesome £257.92 for the Lymphoma Association.


World Cancer Day

For world cancer day.

Lets just say… It didn’t beat me.

For those who lost the battle, you fought as best you could.

For those fighting still… don’t ever give up.

For those who live with the knowledge it may return.. don’t let fear hold you back.

Fight the fight that only those of us who lived it, can truly understand 😉

Art provided by the super talented John Jones

Slight delay – Whiplash

Hi Guys

So today this post comes to you typing with one hand.

After the simple act of flicking my hair back in the shower … I heard and almighty crunch and doctors have confirmed I have Whiplash !!!! Whiplash from flicking my hair …. what’s it made from … rocks !!!

Anyways this now means I am on a nice cocktail of Co-codomal, Diazepam and Naproxen … aka will be sleeping all the time !! Strict instruction to move very slowly and minimally over the next 5 days. No drawing or driving allowed.

Unfortunately this does mean no Perry Winkle updates this week,  but when all is well, we will come back with pages worth waiting for, i promise



Charity Collecting and World Cancer Day

Hi All

Hope you have a nice weekend planned.

The Perrywinkle team and some super awesome friends, will be charity collecting for the Lymphoma Association, in our home town of High Wycombe. If you are in Wycombe, pop along to the high street to say .. Hi 🙂

Also keep your eyes peeled, Lymphoma Lass, has a very special event coming up for World Cancer Day next week – 4th Feb. With the Perrywinkle team, supplying some art 🙂

Also, the next Perrywinkle page is almost finished and will be off to the almighty Rob Jones for lettering by Saturday night.

Have a great weekend all.

Friday Feature – Dan Butcher and Vanguard

Hello there! My name is Dan and I’ve been kindly asked by Susie to write a guest post for Perrywinkle… and I did. It’s what you’re reading now. Heh.

If you didn’t know, I create the superhero comic VANGUARD.

What’s Vanguard?

Set predominately in the UK, Vanguard is the story of a team of genetically enhanced meta-humans employed by the British government to protect the nation’s interests, at home and abroad. It is set in the not too distant future, where the world is becoming more politically and economically unstable. There are food riots, water and power shortages and a rising crime rate as day to day living becomes more of a struggle.

What starts as a simple rescue mission reveals a new, terrifying threat – An unseen enemy, with a vast array of terrible weapons and access to seemingly unlimited resources.

Can our heroes uncover who they are and stop their diabolical machinations before the world is plunged into chaos?

There are currently 12 issues of Vanguard, all of which are free to read at VanguardComic.com



Where has “Members Login” gone ??

Hi Guys

The eagle eyed among you, will notice the “members login” has gone.

I received an update today from the company who keep this website safe and secure, advising a recent update to the “BuddyPress” member system was considered vulnerable.

The plugin BuddyPress (version ) has a publicly known vulnerability. It is recommended deactivate and remove this plugin until a new version is released.

I have removed and be assured, all your information is safe. We have not received an attack or any form of attempted one. But we are removing as precaution.




DOLK S.F.B.T-3 Artists Doll Review

Hi Guys

Hope everyone is having a good weekend ?

Today i popped up to Oxford Parcel force Depot to collect a very special parcel. My 30th birthday present had arrived from Japan. The S.F.B.T (Special Full Action Body Type -3 ) artists doll.

I had being doing a lot of research into this doll, so when my husband said, i could have it for my birthday, jumped for joy.

Below is my first ever review video, i have lots to learn, feedback would be great, so we can improve for next time 🙂

Hope you found it helpful and any questions just ask.

(Warning – Video contains one small swear word) 

Scroll down for some more images.

Friday Feature -Meet Lymphoma Lass…

Hi! I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Lymphoma Lass.

Lymphoma Lass

She says she’s just a lass who got lymphoma and she likes to preserve her anonymity behind an over-sized crochet wig. She created it to give her nurses and doctors “a bit of a laugh”.

Lymphoma Lass was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a cancer of the immune system, in 2015. After 1 mass the size of a cricket ball; 2 blue-light ambulance rides; 6 months of chemo; 5 days in Critical Care with PCP pneumonia; 15 radiotherapy sessions; 5 fractured vertebrae; and a slipped disk – she’s still kicking. Facebook friends have helped her regain contact with humanity and given Lymphoma Lass a new community of fellow cancer-patients.

Lymphoma Lass is quick to point out,

“Getting collapsed vertebrae during chemotherapy is incredibly unusual. But many of the other more common long-term consequences of a cancer diagnosis are just as difficult to manage, if not more so”.

Somehow, we all tend to focus on the short-term side effects. But losing my hair really wasn’t that bad.

I always loved “ironic” fashion, trying to dress up like a screen goddess when I’m feeling unattractive, or wearing a jive dress when I have to use a wheelchair. I like having a playful, self-mocking sense of style. In essence, we are all movie stars and rockabilly dancers in our hearts, even if sometimes we have to dig a bit deeper to find our inner hero or heroine.’

Lymphoma Lass is using her crochet to raise awareness of lymphoma by linking free-to-download patterns to her favourite cancer charities at her JustGiving page (https://www.justgiving.com/teams/LymphomaLass ), Ravelry shop (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/lymphoma-lass-ravelry-store/patterns) and at: https://lymphomalass.wordpress.com/ .

Find her there, using crochet to help others


New – Members Login

Hi Guys

Hope everyone’s having a good day.

It’s all about community here at Perry Winkle. We want this to be a place where we can share our experiences, stories, artwork and even silly cat videos and memes !!

There is now a new members login, where you join up and personalise your profile, add friends and get chatting.  The best part — it’s free 🙂

As a member you also get access to behind the scenes stuff and extras like wallpapers and specials.

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If you would be interested I’m becoming a moderator, let us know and we can arrange it.