Our Interview with Pendragon Dan ….

Hi Guys

Pendragon Dan (aka Dan Wright) fantasy author of the Draconica and  series. Kindly invited us for an interview.

You can check out this interview on the link the below, alongside an exclusive sneak peek at some work, we have done for Dan’s new upcoming novel “The Gothon Campaign”

Pendragon meets PerryWinkle Interview


More of your amazing art …

Well last week i turned 30 !!! …  for my birthday, i received these awesome drawings below from Nathan Williams and Kyle Petchock.

These fantastic works have been added to the gallery. 

If you would like to have your art featured on Perry Winkle, please send them in to us via email, Facebook or Twitter.




International Women’s Day


On #InternationalWomensDay, we’re celebrating female physician Dorothy Reed, who had a major influence on the classification of classical Hodgkin lymphoma.

Dr Thomas Hodgkin first described Hodgkin lymphoma in 1832. Some years later Dorothy Reed, along with Carl Sternberg, confirmed that the presence of specific cells indicate classical Hodgkin lymphoma. These cells have a characteristic appearance of ‘owl eyes’ and are now known as Reed–Sternberg cells.

Find out more about lymphoma at www.lymphomas.org.uk/about-lymphoma.

Photo credit: U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM).

Amazing Artists Galore

We have received a lot of art into PerryWinkle HQ in the last couple of weeks.

We LOVE seeing your art and every single piece is hung on our wall.

If you have some art you would like to share, send it to us at perrywinklecomic@gmail.com

Thank you too the amazing artists below. Your amazing art has been added to our gallery 


Awesome Comics Podcasts – Episode 87 – Real Life Issues in Comics

We were very kindly invited to join the very funny gents at “The Awesome Podcast” to discuss real life issue in comics.
Dan Butcher, Vince Hunt and Tony Ezmond.

I was super nervous, but the guys put us at ease and we had a good honest chat and laugh about comics, cancer, toilets and more ..

You can listen to the podcast on the link below.
(Please note – this is an 18+ podcast, which does contain swearing and sexual references)


Awesome comics Facebook page

Highly recommend listening to the boys other issues. They are very funny, touching and can learn so much about the comic book world from these guys.

“Comics are a powerful medium and in the right hands can truly help people through tough times. The Awesome Pod crew are joined this week by Susie Gander, whose brilliant semi-autobiographical comic Perry Winkle not only helped her as she battled cancer, but is helping others too. She’s also got the same sense of humour as the ACP gang, so there are crazy jokes and laughs flying in all directions! It’s a brilliant conversation that you come to expect from the show, informative, educational and stocked full of ridiculous chuckles. Plus theres an added bonus of two hilarious out takes from Dans dictionary corner. Dont miss it!”

Dan Butcher – Creator of Vanguard
Vince Hunt – Creator of The Red Mask from Mars
Tony Ezmond – Writer and “Down the tubes” & “Place to hang your cap” contributor.

Our story in pictures

Hi All

Hope you’re having a great weekend.

We have added a new page under the Welcome menu titled “Our story in pictures”

During chemo, I kept a blog on my Facebook, it’s a chronological picture diary of events and wanted to share with you on Perry Winkle too.

Sometimes, you still feel like you have so much to fight, but this makes you appreciate how far you have already come.

(Please be advised, there are pictures of needles, which some may find upsetting)

As always please don’t hesitate to contact us.

As promised ..

Hi Guys

Hope you all had a good week.

After lots of rest and pills, the whiplash has eased and as promised, we are some new stuff 🙂

Thank you so much for your patience.

On a very cold Saturday, Chris and I met up with some of our amazing friends, Megan, Samantha and Helen (who is also a Lymphoma Beacon of Hope award winner and survivor for all her charity work and raising awareness). We had a lovely day of collecting. Was great fun and raised an awesome £257.92 for the Lymphoma Association.


World Cancer Day

For world cancer day.

Lets just say… It didn’t beat me.

For those who lost the battle, you fought as best you could.

For those fighting still… don’t ever give up.

For those who live with the knowledge it may return.. don’t let fear hold you back.

Fight the fight that only those of us who lived it, can truly understand 😉

Art provided by the super talented John Jones

Slight delay – Whiplash

Hi Guys

So today this post comes to you typing with one hand.

After the simple act of flicking my hair back in the shower … I heard and almighty crunch and doctors have confirmed I have Whiplash !!!! Whiplash from flicking my hair …. what’s it made from … rocks !!!

Anyways this now means I am on a nice cocktail of Co-codomal, Diazepam and Naproxen … aka will be sleeping all the time !! Strict instruction to move very slowly and minimally over the next 5 days. No drawing or driving allowed.

Unfortunately this does mean no Perry Winkle updates this week,  but when all is well, we will come back with pages worth waiting for, i promise



Charity Collecting and World Cancer Day

Hi All

Hope you have a nice weekend planned.

The Perrywinkle team and some super awesome friends, will be charity collecting for the Lymphoma Association, in our home town of High Wycombe. If you are in Wycombe, pop along to the high street to say .. Hi 🙂

Also keep your eyes peeled, Lymphoma Lass, has a very special event coming up for World Cancer Day next week – 4th Feb. With the Perrywinkle team, supplying some art 🙂

Also, the next Perrywinkle page is almost finished and will be off to the almighty Rob Jones for lettering by Saturday night.

Have a great weekend all.