Perry Winkle Print Edition – Page 16

Good Morning All

Today marks the end of first story arc, we now move onto the fight !!

Coming up, you will see Perry fighting foes and the physical realities of what the body suffers during chemotherapy.

Hope you have enjoyed Perry Winkle so far and found it informative.

As always thank you for reading.

Lettering by superman Rob Jones 

Patreon and Website Update

Hi All

Over the last few days, we have done a lot of background on the Perry Winkle Comic website, to make it faster and more effective.

Perry Winkle is extremely image heavy and i understand it ran rather slowly for some users. This should now have improved. If you are still having problems, please do let me know, as we are now using a service.

On this note, to help cover the additional costs for the website, i have created a Patreon, if you would be interested in signing up, for as little as $1 (77p), where you can get access to sketches, works in progress etc, earlier then anyone else. Plus a chance to win a monthly original sketch.

Please do check it out and support us.   – Susie Gander Patreon 


Perry Winkle Print Edition – Page 15

Good Evening Folks

Hope everyone is having a good one, almost the weekend 🙂

Exciting times next week. Fingers crossed all being well, i should have my last cancer check up. We will keep you updated.

Here is page 16, as always superbly lettered by Mr Rob Jones. 

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Perry Winkle Print Edition – Page 11

Hi Guys

Hope we are all well.

Apologises for the brief silence, life has been a bit crazy of late, but we have some more updates coming today, including some fan art, news and pages

This page was a particularly hard one for me to do, but also therapeutic. With Robin Jones lettering, doing what he does best 🙂 Congrats to Robin and Madius Comics, on their successful kickstarter, which ended this week.

As always, if you are unsure of anything, visit your doctor to check.

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